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Memberships are all about relationships – and giving meaningful value to members, which usually includes providing them with education, information, resources, assets, and/or the encouragement that can assist them in reaching their own goals. When you build solid relationships with your members, you create a rewarding long-term win-win situation that benefits your customers with continuous value, and benefits you with a loyal following of people who are willing to support you no matter what!

Running a membership site allows you to generate recurring revenue. Members pay a monthly (or yearly) fee in exchange for access to your content, which also means you can constantly build upon your revenue every time you get more signups. But, it’s not just that; membership revenue can also be more predictable and reliable than some other business models. This is because memberships are ongoing unless cancelled, and consequently, your revenue from memberships doesn’t tend to fluctuate as much as revenue from one-off purchases.



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